Coin Wars

Coin Wars kicks off Dragon Week as our major Fall Fundraiser. Each day students bring in coins and the grades with the highest totals win prizes. 100% of the money raised goes towards the PTA’s fundraising goals.

Each grade (K-5) has their own jug to collect their coins, dollars and checks.
Each grade that collects the most wins the daily prize!

Monday: Pennies

Daily prize: Extra 20 Minutes of Recess

Tuesday: Nickels

Daily prize: Treasure Chest

Wednesday: Dimes

Daily prize: Popcorn Party

Thursday: Quarters

Daily prize: Popsicle Party

Friday: Dollar (and checks) Day

Daily Prize: Extra 20 Minutes of Recess

Grand Prize:

1st prize to grade that collects the most – Pizza Party!

Donations to the Dufief PTA are tax deductible, however we can only provide receipts for checks and PayPal donations as we cannot verify the origin of coins and cash.