Volunteering is a great way to benefit our school while also making friends and connections. Parent participation reinforces to our children that school is important and that parents value what is being taught and learned.

There are many ways to get involved depending upon your interests and availability. There are activities that can be done at school or ones that can be done at home for both working parents as well as for those who may have more time.

We welcome new volunteers throughout the year and encourage all parents who are interested in volunteering to contact us to learn more.

Position Member
Dragon Guide Welcome Group OPEN
Giant Food Bulletin Board OPEN
MCCPTA Delegates Rep #1 OPEN
MCCPTA Delegates Rep #2 OPEN
MCCPTA Gifted & Talented Rep OPEN
School Sign (outdoors) OPEN
Wootton Cluster Rep #2 OPEN
Audit Committee OPEN
Nominating Committee OPEN
1st Grade Photographer OPEN
Budget Committee OPEN to all
Bird House Builders Field Trip (1st) OPEN
Chinese Field Trip (2nd) OPEN
Garden Committee OPEN
Original Artworks Fundraiser OPEN
Volunteer/SSL Coordinator OPEN
DragonFest OPEN
Grandparents Lunch OPEN
Parent-Teacher Conferences: November 4 OPEN
Chinese New Year Lunch TBD
World Day/Other: April 1 OPEN
Step into Summer Event: June OPEN
Committee Descriptions

Please consider helping the school and PTA by volunteering to help with events and programs – even just once makes a difference, and anyone can help! Many opportunities to assist come up throughout the year — if you would like to be called when the need arises, fill out the volunteer information box below; you may also indicate any specific area(s) you are interested in. You do not have to say “yes” every time you are asked to volunteer.

    Some specific areas or events that the PTA organizes and that I am interested in helping with are: